Born in Würzburg

Graduation as an Colour- Lithographer at Vogel Medien, Würburg
1988-1992 Living in Munich, Nude-Portraits, Student of the artist K. Zilpser
1993 Deepening of oilpainting with the Wuerzburg Landscapes-Painter Thomas Wachter
1994 Oilpaintings as a student of the Bonn Artist Heidrun Spatz

Living in Houston, Texas - first oilpainting category "Scenic Voyages"
ab 1996 More Works with the Wuerzburg Artist Thomas Wachter
1997 First Exhibition in the "Galeriele" in Ochsenfurt, Bavaria
2000 Technical-Development in Bad Toelz with the artist Inge Friedl
Seit 2001
Exhibitions and Gallery-Cooperations in Germany, USA, Italy, Dubai and Canada

Founding-Member of the Artist-Group "mozART" Wuerzburg